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My first ever trip to London and the UK happened in 2001 when I got invited by Liverpool based band Anathema to see their show at London’s Shepherds Empire Bush (a very old and awesome looking theater) supporting Porcupine Tree. I do not know what happened there but I felt so well and home and welcomed from the very first second on. I meanwhile like to say that I must have lived there in another life before ;) When I visit London, whatever I do there, wherever I end up after a party or show or festival, I always know where I am, never took the wrong direction, the wrong tube, train or bus, I always found my way home. That is truly awesome! I love this city :)

Meanwhile I visited London umpteen times, always in combination with a show or a festival, sometimes only for a few hours between the flights, but always having a good time :)  

Brompton Cemetery

The Brompton Cemetery is probably the most beautiful place in London, and it is one of the oldest cemeteries in Europe. I love to be there and every time I am in London I try to have a walk around. This park is hauntingly beautiful, melancholically draped. The atmosphere there let me burst into tears and gives me smiles at the same time. It is a rare haven of peace, beauty and tranquility.

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Financial District

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