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I love to attend illumination events by World Of Lights, especially when they illuminate the Dechen Cave nearby. Now, this company started to illuminate the Barbarossa Cave •  (an anhydrite cave) too and I thought it would be a nice idea to take a few days off, visiting this stunning cave, illuminated and in its natural beauty, and exploring the area around, the so called KYFFHÄUSER, which is a range of hills located on the border of the German state of Thuringia with Saxony-Anhalt. It stands south of the Harz mountains. The KYFFHÄUSER has significance in German traditional mythology as the resting place of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, yes exactly in that cave ;)

Illuminated Barbarossa Cave

  • BarbarossaHoehle1_01
  • BarbarossaHoehle1_10
  • BarbarossaHoehle1_11
  • BarbarossaHoehle1_15
  • BarbarossaHoehle1_16


Natural Barbarossa Cave

  • BarbarossaHoehle2_11
  • BarbarossaHoehle2_30
  • BarbarossaHoehle2_45
  • BarbarossaHoehle2_60


Kyffhäuser Monument

  • KyffhaeuserMonument_01
  • KyffhaeuserMonument_02
  • KyffhaeuserMonument_03
  • KyffhaeuserMonument_04
  • KyffhaeuserMonument_05


Panorama Museum Bad Frankenstein

  • PanoramaMuseum_03
  • PanoramaMuseum_16
  • PanoramaMuseum_28
  • PanoramaMuseum_30
  • PanoramaMuseum_33