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The IJSSELMEER is a shallow artificial lake of 1100 km², and thus the largest sea in Western Europe, in the central Netherlands, bordering the Wadden Sea. In the 2000 years I did several sailing trips over the Ijsselmeer (with colleagues from work) with an old traditional boat called Mon Desir We cruised the sea and even sailed away into the Wadden Sea and stopped visiting Terschelling, one of the West Frisian Islands. The boat can only be handled manually. It was for sure a beautiful experience. I loved those trips as I love the sea. The photos below are from the last one we did in 2004 and all taken with my old analog camera ;)

 Sailing Trip 2004 • Ijsselmeer - Wadden Sea - Terschelling

  • Ijsselmeer2004_01
  • Ijsselmeer2004_02
  • Ijsselmeer2004_03
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