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After almost 30 years I returned to Bulgaria. It was an adventurous trip back then in 1989 with my little sister and it turned out to be one in 2017. Back then I went to the Black Sea for holidays, exploring the coast from Varna down to Sosopol. This time I went to Plovdiv, to visit a Devin Townsend Project show at the ancient Roman Amphitheater Philippopolis. With a few days around I also visited Sofia and the Rila Monastery, which was a dream come true since I'm 9 years old.

• Plovdiv

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  • Plovdiv2017_003
  • Plovdiv2017_004
  • Plovdiv2017_005
  • Plovdiv2017_006

• Sofia

  • Sofia2017_01
  • Sofia2017_03
  • Sofia2017_04
  • Sofia2017_07
  • Sofia2017_08

• Rila Monastery

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  • RilaKloster_05
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  • RilaKloster_14
  • RilaKloster_15