Progress Productions

Progress Productions is a Swedish label for excellent electronic music, where Synth Pop, EBM, Industrial, Shoegaze and Indie Rock found a home under one roof. The roster includes bands I meanwhile really love. So it was just a natural step to visit the annual label festival in Gothenburg, especially, since I've never been in Gothenburg before. A new festival and a new city to discover in a country I visited only once to date.


2016-11-19 • SE – Gothenburg - Sticky Fingers

  • CosmicOverdose_32
  • CosmicOverdose_34
  • Haul_25
  • Haul_34
  • HeartsOfBlackScience_02
  • HeartsOfBlackScience_05
  • HeartsOfBlackScience_20
  • HenricDeLaCour_04
  • HenricDeLaCour_19
  • HenricDeLaCour_23