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2012-12-01-05 • FL – Miami - Nassau - Miami

Where to start, where to begin to describe such awesome week, such amazing voyage as the BARGE TO HELL was. How not to get lost in thousands of details and memorable moments… One week on the “Loveboat” with shitloads of asskicking bands (40 to be exactly), cruising from Miami, Florida, through the Caribbean Sea towards the Bahamas, anchoring in Nassau, and sailing back. All the time under a blue sky, sun and with approx. 26°C/80°F. Always having a cocktail in hands (or the camera respectively), enjoying all of this to the max. The BARGE TO HELL was definitely worth the travel, the money and the anticipation.

This is a best of collection of band shots, day by day. Full galleries including the live report can be found onNOCTURNAL HALL For sightseeing photos of Miami and Nassau just go to the travel section :) 

MONDAY • December 3 • Leaving Miami

  • Behemoth_18
  • Behemoth_20
  • Behemoth_22
  • Enslaved_01
  • Enslaved_08


TUESDAY • December 4 • Seaday

  • AtTheGates_10
  • AtTheGates_15
  • AtTheGates_18
  • AtTheGates_21
  • AtTheGates_25


WEDNESDAY • December 5 • Nassau, Bahamas

  • AtTheGates_08
  • AtTheGates_12
  • AtTheGates_18
  • Monstrosity_10
  • Monstrosity_35


THURSDAY • December 6 ♦ Seaday

  • Enslaved_01
  • Enslaved_17
  • Enslaved_22
  • Enslaved_23
  • NovembersDoom_02