2012 August 17 - 2012 September 17 DE - Bochum - Westpark

In his series Relational Architecture Mexican-born, Canada-based artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer provides tools for shaping urban spaces on a temporary basis. In Pulse Park he transforms the Westpark around the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum at dusk into a sea of light generated by the heartbeats of passers-by.

A freely accessible computer-controlled sensor in the park measures the electrical activity of the heart of any person who holds the sensor for a few seconds. This data is translated into light and sound impulses, which make the whole park pulsate as they redefine it as a space for urban encounters.

And again I got aware and attended this event at the very last moment ;) I once had to postpone due heavy rain, but 2 days later we got pleased with a mild evening and night to have a nice walk around the park and enjoying the lights. Much more it was the very restrained sound of heart beats (created with a couple of bass speakers on top of a huge and old empty steel cylinder) that created a unique atmosphere... 

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