Muenster's first international open air festival focused on Theater, Dance, Film, Performance and Urban Screen

2011-07-20-22 DE - Muenster


I'm actually not that much into theater, dance and performances. I would like to but I'm lacking of time due to my job (shift work). Thus I only could attend the final day of the festival. But this one day outweighed everything else. It was such an unbelievable spectacle. Creativity goes strange ways...

If you want to know what pegs are really for... have a look ;)

  • AngieHiesl-RolandKaiser_PICKnPLACE_01
  • AngieHiesl-RolandKaiser_PICKnPLACE_02
  • AngieHiesl-RolandKaiser_PICKnPLACE_03
  • AngieHiesl-RolandKaiser_PICKnPLACE_04
  • AngieHiesl-RolandKaiser_PICKnPLACE_05
  • AngieHiesl-RolandKaiser_PICKnPLACE_06
  • AngieHiesl-RolandKaiser_PICKnPLACE_07
  • AngieHiesl-RolandKaiser_PICKnPLACE_08
  • AngieHiesl-RolandKaiser_PICKnPLACE_09
  • Flurstuecke_135
  • Flurstuecke_189
  • Flurstuecke_190
  • Flurstuecke_48
  • Generik-Vapeur_Droles-d-Oiseaux_01
  • Generik-Vapeur_Droles-d-Oiseaux_02