After only one year I have added so many bands that I felt the need to separate the letters for a better view. I should have done it right from the beginning… Anyway, there are still hundreds of bands to come and that will still take a long time, but I might be faster now as I got me a new computer and extended and accelerated my storage space a lot ;)

Pick your bands letter-wise from the side menu to the left. I think I will soon add a search function though.

Best-Of gallery

  • Amorphis_05
  • AvaInferi_36
  • Carcass_08
  • JudasPriest_096
  • Mesh_05
  • Nightwish_56
  • Opeth_62
  • SkunkAnansie_30
  • StevenWilson_57
  • WarriorSoul_02